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A1000 Strange Pro Race Axles (up to 35 spline) (Pair)

  • $ 42900

 CALL TO ORDER:   316-299-8427 Pro Race (Hy-tuf) axles, any length, any spline up to 35-spline. Choice of bolt circle. Tapped for 1/2" or 5/8" screw in studs (pair) Strange Pro Race axles are forged from Hy-tuf alloy steel that was originally developed for highly stressed landing gear in military aircraft. Hy-tuf was originated in the class of Ultra-Strength alloys. The Hy-tuf forging is a low carbon, high manganese, high-nickel and high molybdenum steel. Strange Pro racing axles are thru-hardened, which allows for a drag racing shaft with an exceptionally high tensile strength (240,000PSI) while retaining ductility. Strange Pro Race axles are the best value on the market- that's why more drag racing competitors rely on Strange axles than all other brands combined! 

A1003...Lightweight Option- round lightening holes (five 1" diameter holes in each flange) (pair)

A1004...Additional charge for access hole or third bolt circle (pair)

A1005...Lightweight option- Gun-Drill (.875"i.d.) 35-spline axles and machine five round holes into each axle flange. Maximum 35-spline gun drill length is 20" (pair)

A1006...Lightweight option- Pocket mill axle flange (Ultra Light flange) for solid or gun-drilled axles. 

NOTE: gun-drilled axles with this option also are lightened underneath the Strange logo. (pair)    

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